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ziskind house

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another silly first-year with questions Aug. 25th, 2004 @ 10:50 pm
hope you don't mind ._. i also totally just found this and am really glad. my name is Ellie, i'm going to be in room 319A with my roommate Jenna. I live in Henniker, NH, but I'm really from Eastern MA :P I'm a geek, I like ducks, and I bake (why yes, i do do brownies :D).
I suppose I could just wait a week and find out, but i'm excited, so here goes: What are the Ziskind rooms like? Is it a party dorm or a more quiettype one? Are there kitchenettes? Does anyone have an irrational fear of waterfowl?
thanks bunches :o

question for the older smithies Aug. 20th, 2004 @ 01:45 am
If one was heterosexually inclined and one wanted to hypothetically meet peoples of the opposite sex, where could one go to do this, and how easy is it to do that?

Also, if one wanted to hypothetically invite the male to their dorm room to -ahem- have a sleepover, how difficult is it to do that? What have been some of your experiences with this or stories you've heard?

Just curious.
Completely hypothetical.

xoxoxo jen
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Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 03:21 pm
Hello ladies!

I'm looking into getting myself a rug for my room, but I can't remember the (single) room dimensions... I know I measured them last year, I even wrote it down, but my organizational skills are a-lacking.

Can any kind soul help me out?

Peace out :)
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pre-orientation? Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 09:49 am
i know that there's a pre-orientation program that's putting some firstyears in ziskind. does anybody know if there's any way that those of us who have to be back early for assorted trainings can still move in? i've heard mention of having to be in temporary housing during the beginning part of my saa training, but i haven't personally heard where i'm going to be housed.
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totally just found this Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 02:58 pm
wow, i'm such a loser to not have realized what amazing resources we have at our fingertips, but here i am! (better late than never, right?) so yeah, i'm jen and i'm in ziskind this year also... room 316A w/ camila (still looking for you!) and i'm from westchester, ny. anyone else from that area?

xoxoxo jen
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» (No Subject)
over at the smithies community, peopel are getting testy about first year posts. but it looks like i'm the first one over here..

hey, my name's Esther, and I'll be sharing room 234 in Ziskind with my roommate Miranda.

i'm really excited about getting to campus. (though i'm sure my first-year enthusiasm will break off soon enough, but just having received my housing assignment yesterday, I'm still really hyper.)

About me.. i did colorguard, yearbook, and art/music/theatre stuff in HS, will do orchestra (violin) here, and i hope to learn how to fence. Any fencers in the house?

i found a post on the jolt a while back about making curtains and using a spring rod....how are the curtains attached now? do they come off entirely...is it hard to replace them with pure awesomeness?

another c-z question is climate-based... does it get wicked cold because of the windows? or hot?

lastly, in your opinion, what can i not live without at smith?
and don't say 'a vibrator'. I'll cry.

much love,
» (No Subject)
leftoverture pointed out that ennakym, shadowgoddess42, keitichandesu, and sammytagal all have july birthdays. are there any other july birthdays in ziskind that people know of? or, for that matter, summer birthdays?
to quote leftoverture, we take our duty as house reps very seriously. :)
» :D
on tbs.
next friday and saturday.
don't know what time tho':\
» (No Subject)

I know it's crazy early to start thinking about this...but anyone have any preference on what the theme is for incoming first years? Kym and I have some ideas, but I'd love to hear more!
» (No Subject)
ziskindites, i want you all to know that i love you dearly. i'm so happysad to be a senior. the senior banquet was loooooovely!
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